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For your Press, Partnership and Collaboration requests

Here's some additional information to help you navigate our form:

BRAND PARTNERSHIPS, with awareness objective (specify format and target)
PRODUCT PARTNERSHIP, linked to product integration (specify product and target)
SEO PARTNERSHIP, for a traffic optimization link exchange (specify links and target)
PRESS, for journalists seeking information or who wish to propose speaking opportunities
INFLUENCE, for influencers, work experts or agencies
CONTENT CO-PRODUCTION, for B2C targets (articles, videos, events, newsletter inserts, etc.) or B2B targets (events, ebooks, roundtables, etc.), with conversion and traffic objectives.
PARTICIPATION IN OUR EVENTS, for companies or experts wishing to speak at our B2B events
MEDIA SPONSORING, for journalists wishing to publish on our media
MEDIA SUBJECT PROPOSAL, to suggest topics for articles
INTERVIEW PROPOSAL, for companies wishing to propose an interview with an expert/manager in one of our formats (articles, videos...)
TESTIMONIAL PROPOSAL, to submit a testimonial to our journalists